Thursday, October 8, 2015

Arcadia Quest- Sonja

Well after 2 months of working on my last project, I decided to continue working on a few Arcadia Quest miniatures. Lately I've been all over the place as far as painting miniatures. Since I have a dedicated hobby area, I leave about 4 different miniatures on my desk and work on them as I have the desire. I find this works for me since I get bored painting one miniature for hours on end. It may not be the best strategy to completing a miniature but it's refreshing having a variety of different canvases to pick from. Also I'm in no hurry to have all my miniatures fully painted :).
So here is Sonja from Arcadia Quest. I pledged to the Arcadia Quest Kickstarter and got a really great deal on some nicely sculpted miniatures. While I did get a Sonja with my pledge, this one was actually from a painting Chibi eye class taught by Elizabeth Beckley at the Cmon Expo this past year. The class itself was very informative. I also took Jessica Rich's blending skin class which totally changed my perspective on painting skin. 

I started painting the skin by using Reaper tanned shadow and blended up to Reaper tanned skin. Next I picked out the raised edges of the skin and blended in Reaper tan highlight. The raised cheek bones got a light glaze of pink. I still need some practice on the technique but so far I am very pleased with the results.

The back of the miniature is not too exciting. I just used P3 Rucksack Tan as a base, blended with P3 Menoth White Base, and highlighted the raised edges with P3 Menoth White Highlight. 
I am very pleased with how it turned out and I love the quality of the Arcadia Quest miniatures. I am looking forward to the next expansion Arcadia Quest Inferno coming to Kickstarter next month. 
Nothing like adding more miniatures to my ever growing collection :).
Till next time..

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