Saturday, February 26, 2011

First Super Dungeon Explore mini rolls out

Well after a slow start thanks in part to the cold snap we've been having last month, I have finally completely finished one super dungeon explore mini. We finally got some 60 degree weather here in good ol' ATL that allowed me to spray prime all my super dungeon explore miniatures in one afternoon while my toddler was napping. I used a wide variety of paints for this mostly Reaper Master Series, GW paints, and Vallejo Game Color paints. The blue-green color is actually a custom mixed color I mixed from a base of Jade Green and then added some off-white and blue-green color to it till I ended up with an Aqua-fresh(as I call it) color. I mixed up to batches, one base color, and then a highlight color.
So how do you like the base? Yes this was my ice-looking base from my first post and as you can see now, it looks more like a dungeon stone floor. I had thought about selling them but I really didn't seem to get much interest in them. Oh well, That's life ;).
Keep looking here for the next batch of heroes coming next week hopefully....