Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Princess Ruby- When Priming goes Wrong

Happy August! Just a small blog post here to feature my latest project Princess Ruby! If you are like me than you probably are getting excited about Soda Pop's upcoming Caverns of Roxor expansion. Lately I've been trying to go with alternate paint schemes to give my miniatures a more personal look. For Princess Ruby, I took some inspiration from the not so popular Nintendo character Daisy. I always liked Daisy better than Princess Peach. I guess it's because Peach always has to be rescued from the same villain over and over, whereas Daisy just seems like she has it all together and doesn't need rescuing. Also I broke a few of the speed records in Mario Kart Wii using Daisy. But enough chatter, here she is

Well unfortunately she was not without flaws. The biggest one being that the finish looked grainy. Doesn't matter how great the blending or highlights look, the grainy surface just ruins it completely for me. I posted it on the sodapop miniatures forum and the comments I got about it where on par with what I thought. Her eyes supposedly look crazy as well. I wasn't offended by any means but after considering the comments and the finished look, I just couldn't convince myself that it was to the best of my ability. So as of right now Princess Ruby got a dip in some Simple green and got stripped down to bare metal so I can give it another go with paint. Hopefully this time the weather will be in prime(no pun intended) condition to, :).

Still plugging away with the painting tutorial. It's hard having to stop my groove and photograph my progress as I go, but I am hoping to have it posted late next month. So keep an eye out for it. Until next time, keep on painting and keep on gaming muchachoes.