Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Update and Pintrest

Once again, I am deciding to keep up with the blog and update it periodically. Now that school is over I need some motivation to get me painting again after a long hiatus. If you have noticed I updated the graphics on my page. I got into working with Adobe Illustrator recently and found it to be a fancier version of AutoCAD. I still have some improving to do but I figured the graphics were good enough for the blog. But anyways, we all want the minis. Here are some of my most current ones.

First up is Captain R. He was fun to paint. Decided to try a little NMM on the sword. 

Second up is the Royal Paladin from the first edition Super Dungeon Explore. My NMM still needs some refinement. So I decided to purchase a set of these for help:

I started to use them on some miniatures and so far the results have been really good. I'll update soon with a full review.
For those on Pintrest. I have a Pintrest board now. You can find me on my Miniart Design Pintrest. Lots of cool stuff to find and pin.

Well hopefully I can stay committed to writing occasionally. For anyone still reading this, thanks for sticking around and as always, Keep on gaming!