Friday, January 7, 2011

Welcome to Mini Art Design

Happy New Years 2011!!
Well I want to kick off the new year by introducing a miniature hobby blog. I enjoy the hobby of collecting and painting miniatures. I have lots of them waiting to be painted so I hope to keep a blog and share with you my progress as I try to accomplish painting most of the minis in my closet this year.
2011 will be the year of at least one completed miniature project!

I want to start my blog by sharing with you some very cool miniatures I have come across on the interweb. A few months back I heard about some miniatures from a company called Soda Pop Miniatures. Apparently this year they plan on introducing a dungeon crawl type game called Super Dungeon Explore. Now I am not a big fan of Dungeons or Dragons or the evil dragon-lizard people known as Kabolds for that matter, but Soda Pop Miniatures design of the characters are based on SD anime(or Super Deformed Anime). So of course being a big anime nut, I had to purchase them with some of my Christmas money.

So for my first purchase from Soda Pop, I got the Dwarf Fighter, The Paladin, The Human Mage, The Elf Ranger, and the Kobold Priest. The detail on the miniatures are pretty amazing. They ware nicely cast in pewter with only a few minor imperfections. They did require more prep work then I am used to and the smaller size of the miniatures does make it more challenging to put together than the normal 32mm scale pewter minis, but nonetheless it was worth the extra work.

Here is a W.I.P.(work in progress) of the Kobold priest and the paladin. Not much flash or mold lines to clean up.

The backside of the Kobold priest. The staff was very difficult to glue and required the use of epoxy putty(or green stuff) to fill in the seams and give it more strength.

Under the Kobold's mouth was a huge gap that required more putty to fill it with. Well with some of my minor sculpting skills I was able to fill the gap and make it appear as part of his robe.

Here is the female Elf Ranger. As you can see there is quite a bit of detail at this small scale.

The Elf Ranger had a slight miscast at the edge of her headdress that needed some putty to fill it in.

One very cool addition included with the minis was a variety of treasure chests cast in grey resin and one in pewter. You can't have dungeon exploring without some kind of treasure to acquire. These are fantastically sculpted. They are very cartoony looking and fitting with the theme. My only wish is that Soda Pop Miniatures sold these separately. I would buy a bunch to use in other games like Pirate's Cove and Warmachine. The monster chest is definitely one of my favorites.

I spared no expense with these minis and went ahead and cast some of my round bases in resin to base them on. I know it looks like ice but once primed and painted they will look like a grimy dungeon floor.

Well I was so impressed with these minis that I went ahead and bought some of the other Kobold monsters so I can actually play the game. The price is pretty reasonable by pewter miniature standards. Under 100 bucks you can buy all they minis and have enough for a fun dungeon crawl game. Soda Pop Miniatures has some other anime style minis as well and so far I have been very impressed by their quality. So keep following as I paint these terrific minis and if you want some of your own here is the place to go: Soda Pop Miniatures- Super Dungeon Explore

Keep on gaming!


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