Friday, January 7, 2011

Custom Miniature Bases

So one project that took a long time to complete was my base insert project. I sculpted some bases to use with my miniatures to simplify the often over looked part of the hobby. It was labor intensive but well worth it.

Here is what the final product looks like once attached to the miniature and painted. Well in order to get to a finished product, I started with sculpting some originals with slight variations to each so they don't all look the same.

I then used some RTV silicone to make a mold of the originals. 24 hours later I can now cast copies of my custom bases in no time.

Currently these bases are being used on my Super Dungeon Explore miniatures. They are 20mm in size so they are the accurate size to use on top of the plastic base you get with the miniature. Currently I am casting them with smooth-cast 320 casting plastic but I normally use dental plaster. It's cheaper than plastic.
Game on!


  1. Very, very cool.

    Can you outline, in a more step-by-step fashion, of how exactly you sculpted your bases? I'd love to bang out some in exactly the same style as yours. Awesome!

  2. Hey Thanks :) I didn't think anyone actually read this blog :). I have been thinking of getting the blog going again since I took a break from painting and I've been having the creative bug biting me to do something. I'll write up an entry that details my methods more closely. Might take awhile. Thanks again.

  3. Ok, I'll be waiting :)

    I'd like to make some 25mm and 40mm worn dungeon stone bases for my D&D figures.